Year-Round Valentine

Is your car your valentine? It may not be, but you should treat it like it is – take it out on nice drives, check the fluids, buy it new parts, let it meet us, ATCO Transmission – We’ll take good care of you both. Don’t break your own heart, get regular maintenance, change your oil, check your brakes, all the good stuff we can explain to you when you stop by and see us.

What things should you be checking ANY time of the year rather than just Valentine’s Day? It’s always good to check your battery; make sure there’s great connection, it’s tight, and there’s absolutely no corrosion. You should check your tires daily, make sure you haven’t run over any nails and that you don’t need a tire rotation. If you do though, don’t shy away from ATCO Transmission, we’ll make sure you know everything you need to know.
Make sure to check that all of your belts and hoses are intact, and not damaged. Try to keep in mind when the last time they were replaced, keeping your receipts can help with that too! Keeping receipts also helps you in the future in the event of any problems on warranties. Check all of your fluids, including engine oil, brake, transmission, as well as windshield washer solvent and coolant.

Don’t get caught up unprepared, make sure you have your routine maintenance checked at any time. We here at ATCO Transmission would be more than happy to ensure you and your car valentine are all taken care of – year round.